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FC Wacker wins the rising star duel against Hartberg 2:1

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A double pack by defender Dominik Baumgartner gave FC Wacker their first home win against Hartberg.

Innsbruck – The final whistle was like a salvation, as FC Wacker trembled yesterday in front of only 3115 spectators to their first home win in this Bundesliga season. A double pack by U21 team player Dominik Baumgartner led to a narrow 2-1 victory in the rising star duel against Hartberg and for the time being a general reassurance around the Tivoli stadium. “My first goals in the Bundesliga are of course great, but the victory is much more important,” said Baumgartner after the final cheering in the team circle, before he said goodbye to the U21 national team in Vienna.

Finally, he didn’t lag behind and if possible took the lead himself. FC Wacker had set themselves the goal, but after ten minutes it was all over again. Because once Zakaria Sanogo appeared on the left and then Christopher Knett was caught on the wrong foot with his right foot. The FCW goalie speculated with a cross and then had to pick the ball out of the goal in consternation. An early shock for the Black Greens, who ran up in midfield with Bryan Henning alongside captain Christoph Freitag. Uncertainty hampered the flow of the game. This increased because the Styrians with the dangerous Dario Tadic caused pinpricks. It’s a good thing that Baumgartner, who had moved up, equalised with his head before the half-time whistle in the second set. When the 22-year-old then nodded off after a Harrer corner ball to the 2-1 lead, the course seemed set. “But then we were somehow afraid of winning, even though we had the game fully under control,” captain Christoph Freitag described aptly what was to come in the end.

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First Stefan Rakowitz gave the “Sitzer” to the 3:1 lead after a perfect presentation by Patrik Eler, and when SR Gerhard Grobelnik decided after a supposed handball of the substitute ex-Hartbergers Stefan Meusburger on penalty shot, the Tivoli mood was in the basement. But then Knett held on to the so important “threesome” and fished the 911 shot by Tadic out of the corner. “That was a tip from our goalkeeper coach Dominik Bichler,” smirked Knett and drew his personal line: “If you cash in a fish like that and then hold a penalty in the end, then of course you’re twice as happy. And “evildoer” Meusburger, who was hit on the hand from the shortest distance, was no longer annoyed about the too hard penalty kick, rather the Styrian was happy about the success against his ex-club: “A dirty victory. Very important, because we were also rewarded once. Maybe that was the start of a series.”

Karl Daxbacher also went through a roller coaster of emotions on the side line. “It was obvious to both teams that there was a lot at stake. Sometimes there were bad passes that we coaches didn’t like so much. The differences are always very small,” the FCW head coach breathed deeply after the final whistle. And Hartberg coach Markus Schopp praised his team despite the defeat: “We sold very, very well over 90 minutes. We’re currently paying a lot of dear money for supposed little things that we do wrong.” Check Spins Royale here to know more about their promotions and bonuses.