Monday, 26 Jul 2021

Contribute to Betting Expert Tips

contribute - Contribute to Betting Expert Tips

At Betting Expert Tips we like to think of this platform as a resource platform for gamblers by gamblers if you get our drift. This basically means that any content that we post on this magazine must be tried, tested, and verified by other gamblers to ensure that it actually works before we can recommend it to others. We therefore would like this to be a very interactive platform and the only way it will thrive is through you our reader being open to sharing your own individual experiences and insights, and being open to it being subject of criticism.

It’s for this precise reason that this platform has open lines of feedback so that you as our reader can give your take on our own content. It’s these same lines of feedback that also allow you to share your own content with us. At the end of the day, all we want is content that is legit, verifiable and helpful to all the audiences who access this online magazine.

If you are therefore interested in being among the contributors to the Betting Expert Tips magazine through sharing your tried and proven gambling experiences and betting tips, feel free to reach out to us through filling in the form on this link, and we’ll be happy to give you further guidance on the same.