Monday, 26 Jul 2021

How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

hobby - How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is quickly becoming a problem globally with a significant percentage of gamblers falling into the trap of addiction. In noting so, gambling addiction can simply be defined as the inability of an individual to fight his/her impulses to engage in gambling and this therefore results into negative consequences to the individual both personally and socially.

Just like any other form of addiction, prevention is usually the best medicine because it’s very difficult to fight with the addiction once it kicks in. We are therefore going to share a couple of tips on how to avoid falling into gambling addiction.

game - How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

1 Never use gambling as your no.1 entertainment solution

It’s typical for people to want an outlet where they can blow off some steam after a hard day or week of working without rest. Whereas some people opt for gambling because the adrenaline rush it’s associated with often acts as an energy shot, we strongly advice against it. Unless you are a professional gambler, restrict yourself to gambling only on occasion so that you don’t expose yourself to addiction.

2 Find alternative past time activities

If ever you start realizing that you are beginning to crave the gambling experience more and more, it’s advisable to find an alternative past time activity that gives you a thrill that is similar to gambling. What this does is ensure that your mind doesn’t associate this thrill with gambling therefore limiting the possibility of you falling into gambling addiction.

hobbies - How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

3 You need to have multiple hobbies

The reality about gambling addiction is that it will kick in because a person replaces gambling with all their other hobbies therefore becoming the only thing they enjoy doing. It’s therefore a good idea to ensure that you never put your hobbies in the back burner in favor of gambling. Even as you engage in the occasional gambling escapade, ensure you engage in your other hobbies in equal measure.

4 You need better stress management

One common reason many people fall into whatever type of addiction is lack of better stress management. People will often mask their stress by using an activity they enjoy doing such as gambling and with time, because the stress buildup is too much, they will gamble more and more so as to continue keeping the stress at bay. In the long run however, this will not help as the stress will catch up with them.

5 Learn to identify the triggers

At the onset of any form of addiction such as gambling, if you are attentive enough, you will realize that there are certain triggers that are associated with bringing about your urge to gamble. It’s therefore a good idea for you to have sufficient self-awareness so that you can be able to identify such triggers. The better you are at identifying the triggers, the better you will be at turning them off.

These are pretty simple preventive measures but they will only work before your addiction kicks in. In the event you realize that you have already fallen or are falling into addiction, it’s advisable to seek professional help immediately.

Do share with us your experiences with gambling addiction.