Saturday, 18 Sep 2021

Betting Tip: Gambit vs Renegades


In this BO1, Kazakhstani based team Gambit go head to head with the latest addition to IEM Oakland, Australian roster Renegades. Both teams need as many points as they can get in order to have a shot at making the play-offs.


Against everyone’s expectations Gambit are now a Major winning line-up. Even though Zeus left Gambit to return to NaVi, Gambit remain a competitive roster under the command of new IGL Fitch. Currently ranked 10th in the world Gambit utilise the extreme firepower of Adren and Mou to great effect and subsequently regularly win maps against top tier teams. After the Major it has swiftly become apparent that Gambit would need time to achieve great successes with a new In Game Leader. Despite this, they have had some respectable placings in recent tournaments. Gambit placed 2nd at the ROG Masters 2017 EMEA Finals, 2-4th at DreamHack Masters Malmo and won DreamHack Open Austin.  Gambit will be a strong contender to get out of Group b at IEM Oakland but whether they make it through the play-offs is a different story.


After Immortals were unable to field a full roster, they were replaced by the Australian line-up of Renegades in a last minute substitution. Currently ranked 14th in the world Renegades stand as the best team from the Oceanic region. As a result, they usually participate in Asian competitions and qualify for EU events when they can. Adding NAF as a replacement for Jayzwalkingz has been a positive addition to their line-up, allowing them to upset G2 in the opening games of the tournament. Recently Renegades have been enjoying success at lower tier events. They placed 2nd at the iBUYPOWER Masters 2017, they won the SL i-league Invitational Shanghai and also came 1st at the Asian Minor. As a surprise addition that has already led to some upsets, Renegades would be incredibly satisfied by placing highly in their group, but are unlikely to make it past the play-offs.

Head to Head Record

Gambit and Renegades have rarely had the opportunity to play against each other and haven’t been able to do so this year so far. The last time these teams competed, both of them had different rosters so history may only be able to paint a limited picture of their ability to compete against each other. That being said, the last time Renegades fought Gambit was at DreamHack ZOWIE Winter 2016 in a BO3 play-off series. Unfortunately for the Australians, Gambit took this series 2-0.

Betting Odds

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Top Betting Tip

This match is likely to be close. Gambit have been on relatively strong from recently but Renegades have so far shown themselves to be a competitive entity at this tournament. Gambit currently sit at the bottom of group b whereas Renegades have beaten G2 and lost in overtime to Liquid. As a result, our prediction is that Renegades continue their trend of upsets and defeat Gambit in this BO1. Find here the best esports betting sites.