Monday, 26 Jul 2021


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We all love winning right? Therefore, if you share in a passion for winning then the Betting Expert Tips online magazine is the platform of choice for you. Through our informative and insightful content, we can guarantee to transform you from an amateur gambler to an expert within just a couple of weeks.

To start off with a brief introduction, I am Richard Shake, founder of Betting Expert Tips. I am an expert gambler but I wasn’t so in the beginning. I used to lose more than I won, but not anymore as now it’s the complete opposite. I register more wins than I do losses and I will let you know how I do it. Through this online magazine, I am here to share with you betting tips that will truly improve your betting odds and turn you into a sure winner whether you are a fun of casino floors, online casinos, or the now popular online sports betting.

I hope to create a community of gamblers passionate about gambling, passionate about helping out other gamblers and most importantly passionate about neutralizing the house advantage. I believe that the math is simple, if we unite as gamblers, we can be able to even the playing field and beat the house advantage more and more.

I therefore welcome you to this wonderful and fulfilling journey of winning!