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Why you Must Learn to Quit While you’re Ahead in Gambling

quit - Why you Must Learn to Quit While you're Ahead in Gambling

The most basic advice that you will ever get as a gambler is that of mastering the strength to quit while you’re ahead. Whenever gamblers are on a winning streak, they always get overconfident that this streak will continue forever and this is an area where the house has taken full advantage of to recoup its money. In most cases, winning streaks usually end abruptly, causing gamblers to lose all their winnings.

In the spirit of helping you our reader grow from being an amateur to an expert gambler, we are going to share with you one of the most important betting tips you need and that involves, learning to quit while you’re ahead.

Let’s therefore look at why you must learn to quit while you’re ahead in gambling.

The longer you stay in the game, the higher your chances of losing

When in the casino gambling, you must always remember that the casino is a business whose sole purpose is to ensure that you don’t walk out with a dime in your pocket. To do this, they ensure that all the betting odds among other things are in their favor. This therefore means that if you’re on a winning streak, the more you stay in the game, the more time you are giving the casino to win back its money.

addiction - Why you Must Learn to Quit While you're Ahead in Gambling

Winning streaks can sometimes be a trap

The only way a casino can trap you into betting big is through letting you have a winning streak. This is because psychologically, the more you win the more overconfident you become and the more money you stake. This overconfidence however makes you reckless and unfortunately, by the time you realize this, it will be too late because you will have lost all your winnings to the casino.

The house always wants you to lose

Whereas casinos will always paint for a perfect picture of wanting you to walk out with huge winnings and bonuses, the opposite is actually true. In as much as the house presents these jackpot opportunities to you, they have absolutely no intention of letting you win this money. Therefore, anytime you are ahead with your wins, be sure to cash out before the house turns the tables on you.

favor - Why you Must Learn to Quit While you're Ahead in Gambling

The odds will always favor the house

As mentioned above, anytime you walk into a casino or any type of betting establishment, always be aware that their sole purpose is to keep all your money and they do this by ensuring that the odds always favor the house. It’s for this reason that anytime you find yourself on a winning streak, you must always cash out because you are going against the house’s script which they will promptly correct.

Gambling is a fun activity and a good way to make some extra cash but you must never let wins get into your head because they will make you lose track of the realities that dictate this industry. This is why you must always learn to quit while you’re ahead in any type of gambling you’re engaged in.

How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

hobby - How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is quickly becoming a problem globally with a significant percentage of gamblers falling into the trap of addiction. In noting so, gambling addiction can simply be defined as the inability of an individual to fight his/her impulses to engage in gambling and this therefore results into negative consequences to the individual both personally and socially.

Just like any other form of addiction, prevention is usually the best medicine because it’s very difficult to fight with the addiction once it kicks in. We are therefore going to share a couple of tips on how to avoid falling into gambling addiction.

game - How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

1 Never use gambling as your no.1 entertainment solution

It’s typical for people to want an outlet where they can blow off some steam after a hard day or week of working without rest. Whereas some people opt for gambling because the adrenaline rush it’s associated with often acts as an energy shot, we strongly advice against it. Unless you are a professional gambler, restrict yourself to gambling only on occasion so that you don’t expose yourself to addiction.

2 Find alternative past time activities

If ever you start realizing that you are beginning to crave the gambling experience more and more, it’s advisable to find an alternative past time activity that gives you a thrill that is similar to gambling. What this does is ensure that your mind doesn’t associate this thrill with gambling therefore limiting the possibility of you falling into gambling addiction.

hobbies - How to Avoid Falling into Gambling Addiction

3 You need to have multiple hobbies

The reality about gambling addiction is that it will kick in because a person replaces gambling with all their other hobbies therefore becoming the only thing they enjoy doing. It’s therefore a good idea to ensure that you never put your hobbies in the back burner in favor of gambling. Even as you engage in the occasional gambling escapade, ensure you engage in your other hobbies in equal measure.

4 You need better stress management

One common reason many people fall into whatever type of addiction is lack of better stress management. People will often mask their stress by using an activity they enjoy doing such as gambling and with time, because the stress buildup is too much, they will gamble more and more so as to continue keeping the stress at bay. In the long run however, this will not help as the stress will catch up with them.

5 Learn to identify the triggers

At the onset of any form of addiction such as gambling, if you are attentive enough, you will realize that there are certain triggers that are associated with bringing about your urge to gamble. It’s therefore a good idea for you to have sufficient self-awareness so that you can be able to identify such triggers. The better you are at identifying the triggers, the better you will be at turning them off.

These are pretty simple preventive measures but they will only work before your addiction kicks in. In the event you realize that you have already fallen or are falling into addiction, it’s advisable to seek professional help immediately.

Do share with us your experiences with gambling addiction.

Here are 4 Important Things you Must Know about Gambling Experts

casino - Here are 4 Important Things you Must Know about Gambling Experts

In a couple of our previous posts, we have made reference to the term gambling expert and we therefore feel we need to create a lot more clarity on what this term means vis-a-vis an amateur gambler so that as our reader, you can be able to differentiate between these terms.

The whole idea behind the Betting Expert Tips magazine is to transform you from an amateur gambler into an expert gambler, therefore you must by now be wondering, what makes an expert gambler? Well, sit back and relax as we break it down for you.

For starters, an expert gambler does not do it for the fun or for the thrill of it. These may be bonus benefits that may come with their engagement in gambling but at their core, they pursue gambling as a profession like any other.

In order therefore to tell whether you are an expert or an amateur gambler, you must fully understand the qualities of an expert. Here are 4 important things you must know about gambling experts.

Expert gamblers are professionals like any other

When someone is referred to as an expert gambler, they are essentially professional gamblers therefore are professionals like any other. They have structured working hours though this may not be the typical 9 – 5 work schedule, they earn a salary depending on their input, and they pay taxes among other things that professionals do. This will mostly be dependent on the type of gambling activities they engage in.

gamblers - Here are 4 Important Things you Must Know about Gambling Experts

Expert gamblers work more like freelancers

Just as a continuation of our point above, most professional gamblers will not be on the payroll of one specific employer and instead will work more like freelancers. There are different gambling activities that they may engage in and this may range from gambling with their own money or getting paid to gamble with someone else’s money. It’s always down to how much risk they are willing to operate with.

Expert gamblers need requisite skills

Gambling is a skill that is perfected over time provided that one puts in the requisite time, commitment and patience. However, just like any other profession, there are requisite skills that one needs to master in order to be considered as a professional. Some of these skills include strong research and analytical, skills, very good money management and record-keeping skills, and problem solving among others.

Expert gamblers must always undergo professional development

Just like in any other work environment, there are always new work related challenges that change the work environment and therefore professionals must always undergo professional development in order to keep up. The same is applicable in gambling whereby the house is always devising ways to maintain its advantage therefore an expert must keep up in order to be able to keep beating the house.

If these are qualities that you already possess or are willing to work on acquiring then you are well on your way to transit from being an amateur to becoming an expert gambler.

We would love to hear your story on how your journey from an amateur to professional gambler has been.

3 ways to win more in gambling

sportsbet - 3 ways to win more in gambling

Registering a big win in gambling is always an extraordinary experience because not many people get the pleasure of winning the jackpot. In fact, it’s always every gamblers dream to walk away with the jackpot however this winners club is just for the lucky few and has remained elusive for a majority of gamblers globally.

Whereas it can be an extraordinary experience winning the jackpot, it’s always good to know that it’s not the only thing you stand to win. If you can master the art of wagering on favorable betting odds, then you can be able to make really good returns from gambling. Through this very informative piece, we are going to educate you on ways you can win more in gambling.

These are essentially betting tips that will enable you do it more like an expert. Here are 3 ways to win more in gambling.

sports - 3 ways to win more in gambling

Brush up on your knowledge of the games

Whether you are into sports betting or casino gambling, there’s no shortcut to winning. At the end of the day, you must be able to understand how the respective games are played in order for you to leverage on this knowledge to be able to register wins when you stake real money on them. Before you begin staking money it’s therefore a good idea for you to brush up on your knowledge of the respective games as this will help give you all the necessary insights that you need to wager successfully on them.

Never go for your favorite games

To be successful at gambling, you must learn to tell the difference between having a favorite game which you enjoy playing versus being good at playing the game. The thing you must be cognizant of is that you will not necessarily be good at playing your favorite games therefore, if you learn to tell this difference, it will save you from losing a lot of money. As a rule, never stake money on a game because it’s your favorite, only stake money in a game that you know how to play.

mind - 3 ways to win more in gambling

Always bet with your mind

Many gamblers have lost money and keep losing money because their gambling choices are mostly emotionally driven and not reason driven. This is something you as a gambler must change if you hope to be successful in gambling. It’s always advisable to bet with your mind because this will mean you have done the research, calculated the odds, and essentially done all your due diligence so that by the time you are making your wager, it’s an informed choice and not an emotional one.

When you master the art of incorporating these three ideas whenever you are gambling, you will realize that you will begin to register more wins than you do losses and this is precisely how the experts in both sports betting and casino gambling do it.

We would like to hear your unique ideas on how you have been able to win more in gambling.

This is how Betting Odds Work

betting odds - This is how Betting Odds Work

Whichever form of gambling you are accustomed to whether it involves being physically at a casino floor, playing on an online casino or engaging in sports betting, it’s very important for you to understand how betting odds work as this will be the difference between you making a return on your wager or not making a return.

This is because it’s through betting odds that you get to know the likelihood of a winning or losing outcome, as well as what you stand to win or lose. Without understanding odds, then you are likely to be gambling blindly.

We are therefore going to break it down for you on how betting odds work so that you can be better placed to make more informed wagers.

1 Betting odds help determine probability of winning or losing

Gambling is all about making a wager on the probability that you will get a favorable outcome and make a good return. The way to determine whether the probability of winning is much higher than that of losing is through understanding the betting odds that the bookmaker in sports betting or the house in a casino has set. In most cases, odds usually favor the bookie therefore you must always choose wisely.

2 Betting odds help in calculating precise wins or losses

You will always notice that betting odds will often be presented in form of numerals. In some instances, they are numbers with decimal points whereas in other instances, they are numbers that are in the form of fractions. This may be a bit confusing but it should not worry you much. The whole idea is to use these numbers to be able to calculate what you specifically stand to win or lose should you wager.

3 Bookmakers use odds to attract gamblers

It’s always important to keep in mind that odds are a marketing tool which bookmakers will use to attract gamblers to their respective gabling platforms. Bookies will promise really good odds but it’s always advisable not to take them at face value and do your due diligence to ensure that these odds actually favor you. Keep in mind that most odds will always favor the bookmaker.

4 Betting odds can sometimes get skewed

With the emergence of so many online gambling platforms, betting odds are becoming more and more skewed. This is because today, bookmakers don’t manually set odds instead they are set by algorithms which are always influenced by the predictive betting habits of gamblers. This basically means that the more people choose a certain outcome, the lower the odds allocated to that outcome and vice versa.

If you are reading about odds for the first time then it may end up sounding very complicated but the more you interact with them and get to improve your understanding of how they work, the easier things will get for you. As a gambler or an aspiring gambler, you can’t escape from understanding odds therefore you need to take your time and brush up on your knowledge.

Betting Tips – 5 ways to Improve your Luck when Gambling in China

gambling - Betting Tips - 5 ways to Improve your Luck when Gambling in China

You may be wondering why we chose to do an article about gambling in China therefore, we’ll start off the bat by telling you why we think it’s relevant.

The interesting thing about gambling is that it’s a past time activity for many business people and the fact that more and more of them are heading to China to expand their businesses means that they will at some point need to blow off some steam. What better way to do it than gambling?

Whereas the gambling industry is thriving in China, it’s worth mentioning that there are some odd superstitions it’s associated with which may sound crazy but you are much better off abiding by them. We’ll therefore share with you 5 ways to improve your betting odds or you can call it your luck when gambling in China.

numbers - Betting Tips - 5 ways to Improve your Luck when Gambling in China

Pay attention to the numbers

In China, there is a huge obsession with numerology as the people here believe that numbers play a big part in influencing outcomes especially in gambling. Anytime you are making a wager that involves numbers, you stand a higher chance of maintaining a winning streak by sticking to more complete numbers such as 3, 6, 8 and 9. Combining these numbers brings better results.

Always pay tribute to the gods

There’s always a strong belief that there’s a higher power influencing things that humans do and when it comes to gambling in China, it’s believed that there’s actually a gambling god that influences outcomes. If you therefore want good fortune on the casino floor, then you better pay your tributes to this god as you sure will get better outcomes. It’s believed that the more you give, the more you get.

red - Betting Tips - 5 ways to Improve your Luck when Gambling in China

Red is a color of luck

This is not a strange concept because this is something that takes place even outside China. There are a number of people who believe in lucky pants, lucky socks and so on and in China, gamblers believe that having something red with you while on the casino floor be it pants, a hanky, and a tie, and so on will improve your luck. It’s however a good idea to keep it well hidden from the prying eyes of others.

Be sure to abstain from sex

It’s strongly believed that sex makes use of plenty of a person’s positive energy and therefore it may not be a good idea for you to have sex before going out gambling because you will have drained all your positive energy hence you will be out of winning mojo. It’s advisable for you to abstain from sex prior to going out gambling and save it for celebration time after you win.

status - Betting Tips - 5 ways to Improve your Luck when Gambling in China

Always maintain status quo

It’s strongly believed that when you are on a winning streak, you should do everything possible to maintain the status quo of things, whether it’s your posture, your drinks, your clothing and so on. If you change things in any way, you will interfere with your winning mojo. However, if you are on a losing streak then the opposite is true.

Superstition is not a strange phenomenon as its common with athletes and other people who take part in competitive events, therefore, don’t frown upon these tips, just embrace them because you have nothing to lose.

Betting Tip: Gambit vs Renegades


In this BO1, Kazakhstani based team Gambit go head to head with the latest addition to IEM Oakland, Australian roster Renegades. Both teams need as many points as they can get in order to have a shot at making the play-offs.


Against everyone’s expectations Gambit are now a Major winning line-up. Even though Zeus left Gambit to return to NaVi, Gambit remain a competitive roster under the command of new IGL Fitch. Currently ranked 10th in the world Gambit utilise the extreme firepower of Adren and Mou to great effect and subsequently regularly win maps against top tier teams. After the Major it has swiftly become apparent that Gambit would need time to achieve great successes with a new In Game Leader. Despite this, they have had some respectable placings in recent tournaments. Gambit placed 2nd at the ROG Masters 2017 EMEA Finals, 2-4th at DreamHack Masters Malmo and won DreamHack Open Austin.  Gambit will be a strong contender to get out of Group b at IEM Oakland but whether they make it through the play-offs is a different story.


After Immortals were unable to field a full roster, they were replaced by the Australian line-up of Renegades in a last minute substitution. Currently ranked 14th in the world Renegades stand as the best team from the Oceanic region. As a result, they usually participate in Asian competitions and qualify for EU events when they can. Adding NAF as a replacement for Jayzwalkingz has been a positive addition to their line-up, allowing them to upset G2 in the opening games of the tournament. Recently Renegades have been enjoying success at lower tier events. They placed 2nd at the iBUYPOWER Masters 2017, they won the SL i-league Invitational Shanghai and also came 1st at the Asian Minor. As a surprise addition that has already led to some upsets, Renegades would be incredibly satisfied by placing highly in their group, but are unlikely to make it past the play-offs.

Head to Head Record

Gambit and Renegades have rarely had the opportunity to play against each other and haven’t been able to do so this year so far. The last time these teams competed, both of them had different rosters so history may only be able to paint a limited picture of their ability to compete against each other. That being said, the last time Renegades fought Gambit was at DreamHack ZOWIE Winter 2016 in a BO3 play-off series. Unfortunately for the Australians, Gambit took this series 2-0.

Betting Odds

All betting odds for this match will be available at Head over there to get great odds on this match and the rest of the matches in the tournament!

Top Betting Tip

This match is likely to be close. Gambit have been on relatively strong from recently but Renegades have so far shown themselves to be a competitive entity at this tournament. Gambit currently sit at the bottom of group b whereas Renegades have beaten G2 and lost in overtime to Liquid. As a result, our prediction is that Renegades continue their trend of upsets and defeat Gambit in this BO1. Find here the best esports betting sites.

Football Betting Tips: Chelsea vs Arsenal

Chelsea vs Arsenal - Football Betting Tips: Chelsea vs Arsenal

Chelsea will be looking to keep their strong run going as they welcome Arsenal to Stamford Bridge in one of the biggest games of the season so far. The Blues have banished memories of their opening day defeat to Burnley and have won their subsequent 4 matches in all competitions.

Arsenal have had an indifferent start to the season with 2 wins and 2 defeats in their first 4 league games but with Alexis Sanchez back in the fold, Arsene Wenger’s men could see this game as an early season catalyst.

English Premier League – Chelsea vs Arsenal – Stamford Bridge  Sunday 17th September 2017 Kick-off: 13.30 GMT

  • Chelsea  – Best Odds – 4/5 (Betfred)
  • Arsenal – Best Odds – 37/10 (Uni Bet)
  • Draw – Best Odds  3/1 (Bet Victor)


Antonio Conte has done another remarkable job at Chelsea already this season – with a summer filled with speculation and conjecture the Italian has revitalised his squad in key areas and looks to be getting the best out of his players.

Eden Hazard’s return from injury will come as a welcome boost for the Blues who could also give home Premier League debuts to Davide Zappacosta and Danny Drinkwater.

Alvaro Morata’s form will have also encouraged Conte – the Spaniard has scored 3 goals in 4 league games and looks to be proving worthy of the £60 million price Chelsea paid for his services.


Similarly, most of the summer for Arsenal was dominated by intrigue in Alexis Sanchez from rival clubs but the Chilean is staying at the Emirates – for now at least – and scored a majestic goal against FC Koln in the Europa League on Thursday night.

The form of Danny Welbeck is also a big plus for the Gunners as he too has scored 3 goals in 4 games and looks to be fulfilling his potential at the Emirates.

Arsenal’s defensive woes continue though, the Gunners have conceded 8 goals already this term and need to rectify that if they harbour any intentions of Champions League football next season.

Head to Head 

Arsenal edge the historical head to head with a 72:62 lead with 55 competitive draws also taking place between the two English giants. Last season the teams met 3 times in all competitions. Arsenal thrashed Chelsea 3-0 back in September 2016 whilst Chelsea returned the favour with a comfortable 3-1 win at Stamford Bridge in February 2017.

The most recent match between the two teams was the curtain raiser to this season in the Community Shield at Wembley with Arsenal winning on penalties after a 1-1 draw in normal time. 

Odds and Predictions

Chelsea look to be brimming with confidence at the moment.

Chelsea to score first is a good prediction at 8/13 with Coral.

Big Premier League games are normally cagey affairs.

Under 2.5 goals in the game looks overpriced at 29/20 with Betfair. 

As mentioned, Alvaro Morata is in great form and has scored on both of his league starts at the Bridge.

Morata looks good value at Evens with Betway to score anytime here. 

These matches are notoriously feisty affairs with local rivalries at stake.

A sending off in the match looks a savvy punt at 11/4 with Sky Bet. 

Score Prediction

Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal – 10/1 – William Hill 

Top Betting Tip

This should be a fascinating battle between two of the top clubs in the league but Chelsea should have too much quality.

Chelsea to win and keep a clean sheet pays 4.95 with Bet 365.



Fortuna Dusseldorf to Continue Fine Start

Fortuna Dusseldorf Form - Fortuna Dusseldorf to Continue Fine Start

With the international matches fast approaching, there are not many club games to look forward after the weekend but there is one on Monday night in Germany as Fortuna Dusseldorf host Duisburg at the ESPRIT Arena. Fortuna Dusseldorf will be hoping to push for promotion to the Bundesliga this season, having last played in the German top-flight back in 2012/13.

The past three seasons has seen them finish 10th, 11th and 14th in Bundesliga II and they will be hoping for a much better end to this season. Duisburg won promotion from Liga 3 last season and are looking to establish themselves back in the second tier of German football.

Fortuna Dusseldorf Form

Fortuna Dusseldorf start the weekend top of the Bundesliga II table having won 6, drawn 2 and lost 1 of their 8 games.

Their only defeat came at Greuther Furth, which was their 6th match of the season and following that loss Fortuna Dusseldorf have won 2 games.  They defeated Jahn Regensburg at home and enjoyed an away victory last weekend at St. Pauli.

Having endured a tough time of it at home last season, Fortuna Dusseldorf have turned things around and are unbeaten in their last 6 home league games.  They have won 4 of those 6 games and are scoring an average of 2 goals per home game this season.

Duisburg Form

Duisburg come into this round of fixtures hovering dangerously above the relegation zone and have won only 2 of their 8 Bundesliga II games this season. They have won just 1 of their last 5 matches and have recently suffered a dreadful 6-1 home defeat at the hands of Nurnberg.  In fact, their home form has been poor and they will be happy this match is away.

Away from home in Bundesliga II Duisburg have remained undefeated in their last 3 games, picking up wins at Heidenheim and Arminia Bielefeld and a draw at Ingolstadt. While they have been struggling defensively, Duisburg have been scoring goals and away from home in their last 3 league games they have scored an average of 2.66 goals per game.

Team News

Fortuna Dusseldorf should have a clean bill of health for this game unless anything happens in training over the weekend.  They also have no suspension concerns so should be at full strength. The same cannot be said for Duisburg who will be missing their top goal scorer this season, Boris Tashchi. They also have doubts over the fitness of Zlatko Janjic and Tim Albutat.

Top Betting Tips

Fortuna Dusseldorf come into this match as the team in form and should take maximum points.  The hosts are available at 4/5 with Ladbrokes to win the game. Despite missing their top goal scorer for this match, Duisburg will be confident of continuing their goal scoring record in this game. Fortuna Dusseldorf to win and both teams to score is 13/5 at Bet365. Rouwen Hennings will continue to lead the line for Fortuna Dusseldorf in this match and will be looking to add to the 5 goals he has scored in all competitions this season.  Hennings is 13/8 with Bet365 to score at any time. (Odds from online betting)

Football Betting Tips: Liverpool vs Burnley

liverpool - Football Betting Tips: Liverpool vs Burnley

Burnley travel to Anfield hoping to inflict more misery on Jurgen Klopp’s men after a difficult week for the reds. The humiliating defeat to Manchester City on Saturday lunchtime was compounded by a frustrating 2-2 draw with Sevilla on Wednesday which saw Roberto Firmino miss a penalty. Burnley have had a great start to the campaign and have 7 points to their name already – having taken points off Chelsea and Tottenham already away from home this season they will be desperate to pick up something here.

English Premier League – Liverpool vs Burnley – Anfield Saturday 16th September

Kick-off: 15.00 GMT


  • Liverpool – Best Odds – 3/10 (Coral)
  • Burnley – Best Odds – 12/1 (Bet 365)
  • Draw – Best Odds  5/1 (Paddy Power)



The reds were very much in the game at the Etihad last Saturday despite being 1-0 when Sadio Mane was dismissed. Mo Salah was causing problems for City’s back line and the reds looked very comfortable in possession. Playing with 10 men is never easy, but their capitulation after the red card will bring great cause for concern to Klopp.

Philippe Coutinho could feature for the first time this season after his speculation filled summer and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could be given his first Premier League start for the reds at Anfield.


The Clarets are sitting pretty in 7th place in the Premier League table and Sean Dyche will be delighted with the start they have made.

Many had concerns for Burnley after the departures of Michael Keane and Andre Gray but record signing Chris Wood and co. have hit the ground running this season and look well equipped to steer clear of the relegation places this term.

Club captain Tom Heaton dislocated his shoulder against Crystal Palace on Sunday so faces a lengthy spell on the side lines, presenting Nick Pope with an opportunity to show his worth at Premier League level.

Head to Head 

Burnley have only managed to beat Liverpool once at Premier League level – a 2-0 win last season at Turf Moor famed for the Clarets managing to win with only 22% possession.

The reds have won all 5 of the other meetings in the Premier League – with their last one being a 2-1 triumph at Anfield back in March – coming from behind with goals from Wijnaldum and Can. 

Odds and Predictions

Despite a tough week Liverpool are unbeaten at Anfield this season.

Liverpool to score 2 or more goals is a shrewd move at 1/3 with Coral.

Both teams have only failed to score once each this season.

Both teams to score – YES – looks overpriced at 21/20 with Ladbrokes. 

Mohamed Salah has scored 4 times already in all competitions for the reds this season.

Salah looks good value at Evens with Coral to score anytime here. 

Liverpool average 2.5 goals per home game under Jurgen Klopp in the Premier League this season.

Over 2.5 goals in the match is a banker bet at 8/13 with Betfair. 

Score Prediction 

Liverpool 3-1 Burnley – 11/1 with Bet 365.  (odds from

Top Betting Tip

Burnley will arrive full of confidence but Liverpool need a win to appease their fans.

Liverpool to win and over 3.5 goals in the game pays 3.23 with Bet 365.